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Information for New Patients

Dr. Connie shows a child how chiropractic tools work. From the moment you walk into our office, you will feel and see we are quite different than other experiences you may have had in the past. It is part of our vision to have people who enter our door walk out a better version of themselves than the one that walked in our doors. With that being said, you will be embraced by the warm and friendly, upbeat and family oriented environment.

We believe in surrounding ourselves with good people and those that tend to be positive so you will notice that the people that utilize our wellness center for their health and wellness care are good people and often make friends with other members within our walls.

There are times we play Christian music and other times we play disco music or Disney during the kids after school power hour. We encourage engagement with our kids play room, our pub table with games, serving the best clean sourced Purity coffee, and afternoon snacks so you and the kids can feel at home at our wellness center. You will soon feel that you become part of our extended chiropractic family where we engage in your life.

We provide care for many age groups, although we are experts in pediatrics and family health and wellness. We take great pride if being the local place where families experience a chiropractic wellness lifestyle.

Day One: What to Expect

You will have been given an opportunity to fill out the paperwork prior to coming to your appointment so you should arrive all set to get started. We take pride on respecting our members time so you can rest assure we will not have you waiting long. The most important thing during your first visit is that the doctor will listen and learn about you, what are your health challenges and health goals for you, and how any challenges is effecting your life. This tends to be a vital part of achieving great results by knowing the details about where your health is, what you have done and where you want your health to go.

After the history gathering, you can expect to have an evaluation including a noninvasive and safe scanning process of your nervous system. This advanced technology is used to stress and tension that may exist in your nervous system that can lead to less than optimal health. It is very powerful in assisting us in finding the true cause of your health concerns. This technology has helped many people who have been under care at other places really get true results when we use this scanning technology.

After your comprehensive history with the doctor and your evaluation your day 1 is complete. That night your chiropractor will analyze your case and create a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals.

Day Two: Your Report of your Care Plan

This is an exciting day for us as we love to create strategies for people to have a higher quality of life.

At this follow up visit, we will go through a full report of your health. We will discuss what challenges you are having, what we found during your nervous system scan and evaluation and what goals you would like to achieve. You will get a detailed explanation of whether we can help you, and if so, what the action recommendations will be so you can have a better functioning body and a better overall life.

We will also talk about what it looks like to maintain an incredibly healthy life. We will also go over the financial investment so you can take advantage of the recommendations here with our team. You will have an opportunity to receive your first adjustment on day two so we can get you on your way to a better you.

Regular visits

Your subsequent visits are rather quick as we respect your time and you can expect to be at the office about 15 minutes. Most people just love the way they feel when they are under regular chiropractic care and utilize it as a wellness lifestyle choice throughout life for their entire family. This is similar to going to the gym to stay well mentally and physically not just to get healthy momentarily. We will do periodic nervous system scans so we can make sure you are hitting your health goals.

At each appointment, we encourage you to chat with other people, read from our lending library, read the educational articles, and ask any questions you might have. You can always email or call us too at any time as we want your experience here to be the best. We don’t just have a tag line, we live it! Expect more. Live Better.

Contact us today to schedule your time!

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