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Meet Our Team

Dr. Rachel Hovey, Chiropractor/Owner

Dr. Rachel Hovey, ChiropractorFor my entire life I knew that God designed me to help people. My “career” choice changed multiple times throughout my high school and college life. It wasn’t until I had an injury while I was a college athlete that my coach sent me to see a chiropractor. I had a hip injury that was not getting better, I remember thinking to myself, “that’s interesting I thought chiropractic was for headaches or low back pain”. I was able to discover the world of chiropractic- I was blown away. Just a couple of months before I was supposed to start physical therapy school, I changed last minute and went to chiropractic school!

While in chiropractic school I was on the path to treating professional athletes. I had spent many added hours on chiropractic and athletes when “by chance” I was placed at DC Wellness Center, a family and pediatric clinic. My life was forever changed.

I learned what it meant to TRULY help people. People, kids, families, PEOPLE not professional athletes. I found that once I really understood how God designed our bodies to heal, I understood what it meant to be healthy. My passion lies in helping families live a life that is striving TOWARDS health. Not towards another medication or surgery. I know that there is more for us in this world.

I am happily married to my high school sweetheart, Zach. We have one son, ZJ and a fur baby who thinks he is a human. As a mother I pride myself in listening to everyone’s story. And understanding that every person has their own journey.

I attended Hamline University where I was a 3 sport athlete, which is what truly taught me what work ethic was. Juggling between training and practicing every day, a part time job as well as working towards my premed degree. I then attended Northwestern University for my doctorate in chiropractic. I believe that growth is ESSENTIAL in life. I am constantly updating my resume with continuing education. Whether it is countless hours with the ICPA, become a pediatric and pregnancy specialist, Epic family wellness and specialty chiropractic or spending 10 days in Idaho in a CBP intensive program. I love to dive into the latest and provide the best care possible to our practice members.

Nicole Roufs, Office Manager

Office manager, NicoleEven though I lost my mother at a very young age of 9 and didn’t grow up with a sense of wellness care, I have always had an attraction for all things natural and organic. As I began adulthood it came natural to me and just made sense. When I started having children I felt it was my job as their Mom to learn everything I could so they would have the best opportunity in health. I would research health, foods and anything I could get my hands on. I often found my friends asking me all kinds of health questions. I thought I was doing well with my first two sons regarding their health, but my 3rd baby kept getting ear infections and I did what our pediatrician said to do and I put her on antibiotics.

However, when she got another one my gut told me there had to be another option so I started researching and heard about chiropractic. If you ever have had a moment where the light bulb goes off over your head this was mine! We brought her for her first appointment and everything just clicked! It all made sense how the body was connected and how her little spine being out of alignment was creating a dysfunction in her body. She got a tiny little adjustment a few times and she never had another ear infection. The chiropractor taught me about wellness and how the body works and I brought my whole family in for regular care. I know we all think our children are the best as I do mine and I am so happy I gave them the opportunity to grow up with regular adjustments and wellness education. Read more…

I remember when Dr. Connie approached me about the opportunity to work at DCWC 11 years ago. I was so excited to be able to help spread the word about natural health care. My job isn’t a job – it is a mission to teach others how to be well and to keep our team at DCWC operating with high standards so we can be the best. I love to continue to learn, self-improve and am also a certified life coach. I am currently enrolled in Dale Carnegie training to continue to be the best leader I can to the team. After 6 years of employment, I became part owner of this wellness center and will continue to strive to make our team be the best in the community we serve.

In my spare time I love to spend time with my 4 children going on new adventures and traveling with them. I also love to read, spend time, and getting my nails done. I am a giver at heart and enjoy volunteering for meals on wheels, at local churches, for the youth group and participate in the foster care system with children in need when I can.

I am like the rest of my team here at DCWC – I love helping people have a better life any way I can. Although I am a MN native, I really dislike the snow and plan to move somewhere warm when my kids are older. Hoping we can start a DCWC somewhere warm. ;)

Delaney Wood, Patient Care Advocate

Delaney WoodI’m from Geneva, IL and I have 3 sisters! I went to college at the University of South Florida and it was basically like going to school on vacation. My close friends inspired me to move to Minnesota and because I missed the snow (just a little bit) I did!

I am a Young Life leader in Wayzata and am very committed to helping high schoolers navigate their way through a Christ-centered life. I absolutely love baking, grocery shopping, and trying new restaurants with friends – anything food related really!

I’m so excited to join the DC Wellness family and to begin to meet everybody who walks through the doors!





We can’t wait to meet you and share chiropractic with your family. Contact us today to get started! See you soon!


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