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Meet Dr. Connie Theisen

“It’s What Is Right”

Dr. Connie TheisenWhen people ask me why I chose to be a chiropractor, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is just right! It was and is the right thing for me to do with my life purpose. I had no idea what chiropractic was when I was a child. I didn’t have the opportunity to grow up with a chiropractic lifestyle but I was seeking for natural health care at a young age.

Having depression starting at the age of 10 (even though I had a great life) and not getting many answers that helped me, I knew I would be a person others be healthy. As I began my pre-med education, I was injured and went to a chiropractor.

He took a few minutes to teach me how the body worked and it was like a light bulb went off. I knew from that moment, that my injury was God’s redirection in life and that my purpose and how I was going to impact the world was through chiropractic. Against the advice of my school advisor and many others in my life, I changed my major to Pre-chiropractic and never looked back.

The body, how it was so elegantly designed to function and how it has the power to innately heal just made so much sense to me.

As I continued this new-found chiropractic lifestyle my depression, sinus issues and other life challenges began to go away naturally! I was in love with how the body was designed to work and amazed at how I healed myself-drug free through chiropractic.


Improving the Health of Individuals and Families

I am proud to be a sister of four older brothers and I grew up in Indiana. This alone is probably what made me very independent and determined in life. I love to travel, bike, run and I find great joy near an ocean. I love to hang with great friends with similarly positive and elevated thinking of being our best in life: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I tend to live a life of what is called “on purpose” so I can create a life of happiness and joy while impacting the lives of others along the way.

Although it wasn’t in my cards to have children of my own, I am proud to have been an egg donor 7 times to help 6 local MN couples have an opportunity to have a family of their own. I love children and I love even more helping them live to their full potential.

I did my undergrad in NE, then continued on to MN where I earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic after 3.5 intense years. However, I believe in continual learning. I have continued education with ICPA for children and family health, completed the extensive Epic pediatric training to provide exceptional care from wellness care to severe autism. I am certified in acupuncture, advanced pregnancy and prenatal care, and more recently enrolled in functional medicine to advance our team here at DC Wellness Center.

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