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Happy baby!!

cece testimonialWe all know there are endless benefits of chiropractic care and while we see the success stories of babies all the time we had to share baby Cece’s success with you all!! Mom had this to say:
Before Cece started getting adjusted she seemed restless and wiggly and uncomfortable all the time when she was awake. She also seemed to be having some digestive issues and couldn’t tolerate tummy time even for a very short time. She also didn’t move around much which didn’t seem “normal” to me. Since time wasnt fixing the issues I knew I had to bring her in. After her first few visits she was moving her head from side to side and was kicking her little legs and moving her arms. She was no longer restless and started (finally) doing some longer stretches of sleep. Her digestive issues seem better and Dr Jen helped me talk through some diet changes I needed to make to help clear up some eczema she had developed. Cece is a new baby since starting her chiropractic treatments and I only wish I would have started her sooner. Family and friends even notice and comment on how well she is doing now. She has always been a sweet baby but I feel so much better knowing she is clearly more comfortable now and on a better track overall :)

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