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Food as Self-Love

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What you choose to give your body when it comes to food and drinks is a major form of self love. Do you respect and appreciate yourself enough to give your body amazing nutrients so you can be your best?  You deserve to be your best-you are worth it! And those around you deserve you to be your best and the world needs your best. How you fuel yourself is definitely a sign of self-love.

Although many people eat food for reasons such as boredom, social gatherings and to deal with all types of emotions, food has one purpose. That main purpose is to give the body the nutrients it needs to perform its functions optimally. We really need to be aware that the purpose of food is for nutritional input to fuel our organs, brain and millions of processes that need to occur in order for us to survive and hopefully thrive.

The biggest turning moment for me was when I was told so basic: what we choose to fuel our body with is exactly equal to what our body gives us back in performance. If we put garbage in, our body gives garbage performance out. If we fuel ourselves with super power food, our body performance is super power in return.

In short: garbage food in=garbage performance out.

I experienced this firsthand in college when I was pretty poor, and I ate crappy food. During that time I had low-energy and my grades were slipping. I began to have low self esteem and developed pretty significant depression. I’ll be the first to tell you that as soon as I changed the way I was fueling my body, it began performing in the way it was intended to. I was given back happiness, focus and became full of energy again.

If you eat crappy, non-nutritious food your body is going to give you sluggish energy, less endurance, lack of focus and mental clarity and a decreased immune system.

The quality of food and how humans eat has changed a lot over the last 30 years. Think back to how your great-grandparents grew up and ate. They ate more whole foods then most people these days. As time went on, convenience became the norm. Food became quicker and easier, and the food manufacturers needed to make this quick, low-quality food taste good, so they hired food chemists. These food chemists can actually make cardboard taste delicious. They also care about profit and necessarily about not quality or the health of our nation.

The Foods We Eat Today

This leads us to today’s age where most of our food has self-stabilizing additives, food dyes and contains very low nutritional value. Take a minute to think about how hard your body has to work in order to deal with chemicals you give it. When we eat this type of non-nutritional food, our body still seeks for what it needs. This results in our bodies becoming more hungry and craving more food. Our bodies still need to have the nutritional goods to operate properly, yet it is not receiving it from any of the convenience foods we’re feeding it with. When our bodies are not provided with the nutrition it needs to function, it eventually starts to take the nutrients stored from the bones, nails, hair and teeth among other areas.  The body looks for where it can find what it needs in the body’s stores and steals it from in order to keep the heart and other organs functioning.

As you think about feeding your body, mind and soul, remember:

  1. You deserve to spend more money on food that will provide you with the nutrients your brain and body need in order for you to be your best. By putting money into nutritious food now, you can yourself from expensive emotional and health cost later.
  2. When you’ve eaten until you’re full and are just nibbling to finish up, consider this: you’re going to waste it or waist it. Which one serves you the best?
  3. Garbage in = garbage out. Do you want your mind and body to give you great performance? Then you need to fuel it with great energy.

How Do We Begin?

The best first step is simply starting to be more aware of what you’re eating. Notice where you may need to make changes, and begin taking baby steps to start. Begin to make sure the food and meals you are eating are nutritious, real food and not filled with chemical additives. If you tend to still look for food when you’re not hungry, it means your body is signaling you to eat something that has the nutrition it still needs to perform. If you find this happening to you, try giving your body something healthy and watch the cravings go away.

One small change you can start with is to simply set out a basket filled with apples, bananas and fruits on your table or counter.  When you walk by grab a piece!  Or spend a few minutes cutting up vegetables and placing them in an easy-to-grab place in your fridge. These small actions can make a big impact on your habits.

Lastly, never forget to express gratitude. Remember to say thank you for this nutritious food that is available to you and is helping you be your best.  For that, we can all be grateful.

Could you imagine a world where people were all grateful and have healthy minds, healthy relationships and high performance?  Well I can…one self love seeker at a time, one more person living conscious of what they are eating at a time, and one more person sharing their knowledge and love to another.

Fuel yourself well – You’re worth it!


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