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Upcoming Events


All events are held at DC Wellness Center.

RSVP is required to do so please or give us a call at 763-494-8787.

Contact us for any questions you have.

We hope to see you here!

March 31st

SAMPLE DAY! Suppys Probiotic (Children’s)

April 2

Test your pH!

April 5

Happy Birthday, Cheeseburger!

April 7

SAMPLE DAY! Sample Aller DHQ!

April 8

Dr. Eli’s Last Day

April 12 – 16

Treasure Box Week!

April 14

Xymogen Rep here! Team Training!

April 15

Facebook Live Talk: Planting Seeds of HEALTH! 12 PM

April 22


April 29-30

SAMPLE DAYS! Sample Probiotic!

Upcoming Events | 763-494-8787