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December Family of the Month

Meet our December Family of the Month

Lowe family

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My family started going to DC wellness in January of 2017. We had been seeing a different chiropractor weekly in the area for years so we were well aware of the importance of regular adjustments for our overall health and wellness. What we didn’t know, was the importance of finding the RIGHT chiropractor. 

Since seeing Dr. Connie and Dr. Samantha, my entire family has seen so much improvement! Dr. Connie has helped my husband improve his chronic neck pain. He has seen more improvement in the last 6 months than in the previous 4 years with the other chiropractor.

Dr. Connie has also helped both of my kids tremendously. Our daughter Avery, age 9, absolutely loves Dr. Connie. Dr. Connie takes the time to listen to her and to what her body needs. Avery’s asthma and overall demeanor has improved. She is happier and has improved her attention skills in school.

Dr Connie has also helped our son Dawson, age 6. The scans that Dr. Connie has done on his spine have been such a valuable tool.  It has helped her adjust him in specific areas to help calm his body. I have seen so much growth in him socially, emotionally and physically since he has been adjusted at DC Wellness. 

Personally, I have also seen so much progress in my overall health since going to DC Wellness. I have a long history of chronic back pain and it was only getting worse at the previous chiropractor. Since seeing Dr Connie and Dr. Samantha, my back pain has decreased greatly. I also feel better emotionally with the help of the awesome care that I have received. 

It is a huge relief knowing that my family is getting the best care possible!   My only regret is that we didn’t go to DC Wellness sooner! Thank you SO much DC Wellness!  

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