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About Us

Dr. Jen adjusting a baby. DC Wellness Center was founded by Dr. Connie Theisen, who has been in practice since 2001. Over the years, she gained a profound understanding of the positive impact chiropractic has had on the lives numerous individuals. At our chiropractic care center, we focus on natural health care and education about maintaining your well-being.

Dr. Connie is joined by Dr. Jen Sweeney and Dr. Samantha Oberg. Together, our growing team offers chiropractic care and massage therapy to benefit the health of all ages in the Maple Grove community.

Offering Outstanding Care for All

Everyone is welcome at our office – moms, dads and children. Dr. Connie and Dr. Samantha are certified in the Webster Technique for pregnant women and have studied extensively with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Epic Pediatrics.

Though many seek our help due to pain, there are many lifestyle-based concerns we can assist you with, such as ADHD in kids or anxiety and depression in adults and much, much more.

When families receive chiropractic care and stay healthy together, they become a happier, more cohesive unit and can engage in better relationships with each other.

Discovering Your Full Capacity for Health

One of Dr. Connie’s patients was a 6-year-old girl who was unable to speak and would grunt to communicate. After three visits, the girl’s mom called and excitedly said, “My daughter told me she loved me!” When the pressure was removed from her nerve system, the body could communicate, and in her case, it resulted in speech ability. We have numerous stories like this one that seem miraculous but are simply about you harnessing your body’s full potential.

Find out why we’ve been awarded the best chiropractic office in Maple Grove! Schedule your appointment with our team today.


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